by mindsoulbeauty

“When one door closes, another one opens.” I love this quote. I’ve been depressed about my legal trouble and losing my license and feeling as if my life was taken away. Getting out of jail, moving back home in a small town with nothing to do, becoming jobless and all the other little things that add up, like the number on my scale. Shit sucks, but hey, that’s life. And in those crappy circumstances, one can find new blessings. We just have to keep our eyes open and notice the beauty in the world. Jail ended up giving me a whole new appreciation for life and the simple things. Leaving my job was something I had been wanting to do forever and now I am free and have peace like never before. Moving back home has brought me back to my sweet dog which is the best reunion ever. My relationship with my mom is better than ever and we are each other’s rock. I’m lucky to have her. I’m still down and working on myself, trying to become healthier physically and mentally, but I’m learning. I have found some opportunities in there that make it all worth pushing forward. Just have to stay aware. Persevere. Some days I feel like a goddess ready to conquer the world. Some days I feel like scum that should just go ahead and die. It’s a battle, but I’m a fighter. I have to fight. Because if we stop fighting, that’s the real tragedy.