day one.

by mindsoulbeauty

Ah, the quest for health. The battle every human being is drafted to fight in. Some will succeed in conquering, some will become trapped as prisoners of war. I think I’m somewhere in between. I have been freed of entrapment and find every strength within to want to succeed, yet, I still endure the hauntings of my prison. We all want to conquer. I will see the light again. Stick to my goals and stay focused. I am strong and must harness the will power that lives deep inside and shout with full force, “I can succeed, I will succeed, I am succeeding!” This power of oneself lives within us all. We are all strong and capable of so much. But the power is not easy because life is not easy and to achieve what we desire we must fight and show discipline and perseverance. Qualities most people are too lazy to bother attaining. I know this feeling of laziness from personal experience. Not only is laziness a factor, but society filling our heads that we are limited beings and our education system dumbing us down rather than implementing every way possible to help each person fulfill their greatest potential. Imagine a world where more people were excited about learning how to travel among the stars instead of finding excitement in who committed the latest scandal on a reality tv show. Reality my ass. I have no education under my belt, in fact, I’ve spent the past 6 years getting fucked up at parties. That was what I called life. But no more, no sir. I’m waking up and I crave life, I crave education. I crave for joy and love and sensations never felt before. There is a world out there and I want to know that world personally. So, let me reflect on what my goals are and actually type them out. I’m horrible at planning.

Get HEALTHY. Eat right and exercise. Get my sexy body back to where I am happy. Dance classes. Move my body. Interpretative, hip hop, etc. yoga.

Back to school. Enroll into the nursing program. Kick ass.

Stay creative. Sell my jewelry.

Be a travel nurse. Explore new places.

Specialize in holistic nursing. Continue my education.

Be my own boss.

Find true love (whatever order that may come in).

Help animals and people. Sanctuary farm.

Festivals, concerts, live music, dancing FOR LIFE.

Spread positive energy. Spread love.

Meditate and pray.

Always seek higher learning. Always seek enlightenment. Always seek adventure.

Be grateful. Give thanks. Appreciate.

One with all.